From California,
new recipes for success

We’ve all heard that too many cooks can spoil the broth, but that’s hardly the case on today’s episode. The new FRESHMeals collection of recipes for schools is the work of several dozen cooks from 18 “California Ambassador” districts pledged to mentor and share best practices state-wide. It took more than two years of tightly coordinated trial-and-error to build a database of 140 (so far) dishes that are off-the-shelf school ready—fully vetted for practicability, affordability, customer appeal, and compliance with USDA meal standards. Not in California? No problem. FRESHMeals are available online, InHarvestto everyone. This episode brought to you by InHarvest.

Image: In Natomas, CA, students help develop a recipe for whole wheat spaghetti.

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